Monday, June 19, 2017

Alberta Research Portal at Your Fingertips

Now available to all Albertans, the Alberta Library (TAL)'s partners have arranged with Gale Cengage to provide barrier free access to a world class collection of primary sources called the Alberta Research Portal (ARP). Whether you are a student writing a paper, faculty performing scholarly research or a community user interested in book writing, art creation or genealogy, ARP is not to be missed.

This resource provides access to Gale's Primary Sources databases with 69 unique primary source collections that include monographs, photographs, transcripts, newspapers, poetry, surveys, original documents, records, and more. Some of the collections are related to First Nations and Indigenous peoples, Human Sexuality and Gender, Associated Press Collections, Smithsonian Collections Online, Early Arabic Printed Books, Picture Post Historical Archive, and U.S. and British newspapers covering literary, financial, business, political, and cultural news.

Plus, you can access 25 e-Book titles from Gales Virtual Reference Library covering topics such as LGBTQ+, environment, cultures & daily life, energy, indigenous peoples, foods of Canada and other countries.

You can access this entire collection through our Library's digital resources or directly through the Alberta Research Portal.