Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Inspirations!

All of your projects will be completed and studying for exams will be over very soon.

Christmas is just around the corner and another year has almost passed too.

Hopefully you will be able to wind down over the next few weeks.

Maybe some of these holiday baking cookbooks will help you de-stress:


If Christmas decorating helps you set your style then check out these titles:

Or if you just want to take a reading break you could always try these books:

Or maybe you are just wondering about various Christmas customs:
Perhaps these some of titles will inspire you but most importantly we hope you will have an opportunity to relax and enjoy your family and friends.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Holiday Hours Update

Happy Holidays from the staff at the Reg Erhardt Library!

Throughout this holiday season, the Library will be open on a limited schedule.

Our hours of operation will be:

December 13 – 14
(Sat  & Sun)
We are closed
December 15 – 19
(Mon  to Fri)
8am - 5pm
December 20 – 21
(Sat  & Sun)

We are closed
December  22 – 23
(Mon & Tues)
8am - 5pm
December 24
(Christmas Eve)
8am - 12 noon
December 25 –
January 1
We are closed
January 2
8am - 5pm
January 3 – 4
Sat  & Sun
We are closed

Our regular hours of operation will resume on Monday, January 5.

We look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Did you know...

SAIT has competed in the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race for nearly 40 years; winning several times, including the first two competitions?

After an unsuccessful attempt to launch the event in the winter of 1972, the first Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race was held in Red Deer, Alberta in February of 1975. Developed by Dr. S.H. Simmonds of the American Concrete Institute, GNCTR puts the creativity and skill of post-secondary engineering students to the test in a competition to build the best possible toboggan made almost entirely out of concrete.

One of the original 4 schools to compete in the event alongside U of C, U of A, and NAIT, SAIT would take first place overall in the inaugural year, producing a toboggan capable of reaching speeds in excess of 50 kmph, and able to complete the course in under 10 seconds. SAIT would return the following year to continue this winning streak, but would be dethroned in 1977 by the team from UBC.

Today, the GNCTR continues to be a strong Canadian tradition, but the best times on the hill are not the only goal for participants. With awards in categories such as team and school spirit, braking and handling, overall design, and even the use of recycled materials, the nearly week-long event offers much for the now many participating schools to compete in. 

It has yet to be seen how SAIT's Toboganous Prime will fair this February at the 41st annual event, but with 15 other teams confirmed so far, the competition is already shaping up to be quite exciting.

Interested in finding out more about at SAIT and the programs it has participated in over the last century? Please visit our digital archives or contact the Sait Archives directly to request more information