Thursday, March 27, 2014

Extended Hours are Back!!

During the three weeks before Exam Week, you can study in the Library even later.

Take advantage of our extended hours:

March 31 to April 24

Monday to Friday          7:30 AM - 11 PM
Saturday & Sunday       10 AM - 9 PM

Please remember that we are closed on Good Friday (April 18) and Easter Monday (April 21).

Good luck on your final exams!

Have Your Say on the Library Website!

The Library is looking for a select group of SAIT students to help improve the Library website.

This is an opportunity to have your opinion heard and offer improvements that will benefit all students at SAIT.

Participants will be asked to search for different types of information and provide feedback on their use of our website. Each session will take place in the library and will last less than 1 hour.

For your time, you will receive a $25 gift card from Tim Horton's.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Kristian McInnis ( or 403.210.5840)  for more information.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Did you know...

The first Sait student paper was published in 1926?

With a budget of only $100 dollars (the equivalent of approximately $1500 dollars today), distribution of Sait’s first student newspaper began on March 18th, 1926 with volume 1, issue 1 of the Emery weal. Given the name ‘Emery Weal’ as combination of the Middle English words ‘emery’, meaning grinding or polishing wheel, and ‘weal’, meaning welfare, the newspaper was said to be a way to "polish the personality of the students for the good of all at the school".  Sold initially at a cost of five cents a copy, the Emery Weal featured a variety of articles on all aspects of student life, as well as a regular article noting a recent engineering or scientific discovery that had not yet been written into the textbooks.  Published at first only three to four times a year, the small student paper did not yet have the distribution it sees today.  Following several changes in content and format, as well as an occasional disruption in printing, however, the Weal would eventually develop into the institutional icon it is today.

Interested in learning more about the history of Sait? Visit our digital archives or contact the Sait Archives directly to request more information.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Tech Faire 2014

We've got some amazing inventions
and technological creations that
will surprise and astonish you! 

The second annual Spring Tech Faire is celebrating technology, science, creativity and invention.
There will be demonstrations that bridge the gap between technology and imagination, hands-on interactive games and activities, laser technology and much, much more! We have some spectacular student projects to show you too!
Featured presenters are:
  1. Laser Cutting Technology (SAIT's Mechanical Engineering Technology Program)
  2. Mad T (ACAD Media Arts and Digital Technologies)
  3. Iceboating in Alberta (Stephan  Dalberg)
  4. Alberta Aquaponics (Gordon Hayes)
  5. Water Treatment Systems (ARIS Environmental Technologies)
  6. Laycraft Designs (Kevan Laycraft)
  7. Screen Hunter (Shannon Chappell)
  8. How to Survive A Robot Uprising (Reg Erhardt Library)
  9. RFID Draft (ARIS Project & Infrastructure Specialists)
SAIT students, faculty, staff and members of the public are all welcome to attend this outstanding event!
Join us on Friday, March 21st from 10 am to 2 pm, MacDonald Hall in Heritage Hall. 
It is going to be great! You won't want to miss it!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Tech Faire Is Just Around The Corner!

Want to see some amazing inventions and astounding technological innovations!

The second annual Spring Tech Faire, presented by the Reg Erhardt Library, is celebrating technology, science, creativity and invention.

Plan on attending our Spring Tech Faire on Friday, March 21, from 10 am to 2 pm in MacDonald Hall, at SAIT's Main Campus.


Libraries enrich the lives of their patrons by providing access to ideas and information. They promote lifelong learning and assist in the exploration of knowledge. This event is a wonderful opportunity for us to demonstrate how new information and knowledge sparks creativity, promotes ingenuity and transforms our lives.
SAIT students, faculty, staff and members of the public are all welcome to participate in the outstanding event. Come and join us! You won't be disappointed! 

Under Construction in the Library

It seems that some parts of the SAIT campus are still moving and shaking these days due to construction related issues. The  Library is no exception. Level 0 is designated for Quiet Study but next week, it will a little noisier than usual. We are installing two new wave tables on the lower level of the library. We will soon have more computers for our students to use too.

Study Rooms 5 through 8 will still be available and can be booked online from the our homepage.

We expect these renovations to be completed by Friday, March 14.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.