Friday, January 31, 2014

Library Fines Forgiveness Week (February 10th – 14th)

Do you have overdue library materials or outstanding fines?

Come to the library, return your overdue items and ask us about your fines. Whatever the reason for not returning an item, everyone with library fines can start fresh again.

The Library will cut your fines in half. That's right - you will only have to pay for half. You just need to pay your bill with cash. Unfortunately credit and debit card transactions can't be processed properly.

All of the money that is collected will go directly toward a SAIT Student Scholoarship program.

We LOVE our students, staff and students! Happy Valentine's Day from the Reg Erhardt Library!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Connect With Your Library

If you want to contact the Library, here are some easy ways to reach us:

  • Talk to us directly and receive research and technical assistance by phone (403) 284-8616 or by email.

  • Use the Ask us a question service to find out about the library. You can also request in-depth research assistance which includes:

    • One-on-one instruction in the use of advanced databases or other research tools
    • Research into specialized fields of study
    • Assistance with broad studies or literature reviews
    • Guidance on integrating library resources within curriculum or instruction

  • Chat Reference delivers immediate, interactive and knowledge based reference assistance to help you with your projects, term papers and homework assignments.

  • Suggest a new resource. The library welcomes suggestions from faculty, staff and students for the purchase of curriculum supportive materials for the library.

  • Following us on Twitter or on Facebook will keep you informed with helpful updates about the library, our resources, library events and activities, special collections, service disruptions as well as campus updates and activities.

Also remember, through the library website you can:

Remember, the Reg Erhardt Library is here to answer your questions.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Five Ways the Reg Erhardt Library Can Help You!

The Reg Erhardt Library can play an important role in your academic success. Here are five ways to make the most of your library:

1.  Information Desk Services

     Our staff at the Information Desk provide:
  • Expert research assistance for your term papers and presentations
  • General and directional assistance, including telephone and chat reference inquiries
  • Library PINs to help you access our databases, e-books and digital videos off campus
  • Check out and check in library materials

2.  Study Rooms and Quiet Study Space

     Book a study room that is equipped with a computer and large screen monitor. Call or visit the
     Information Desk to get registered for online study room booking privileges. The lower level
     (Level 0) is designated for individual quiet study.

3. Media Services

    You can borrow a laptop, camera, calculator, cell phone charger or headsets for up to 4 hours.

4.  Project Finishing Services

      To help you polish up your finished projects, the library provides computers, scanners, printing,
      photocopying, laminating and binding equipment.

5. The Alberta Library Card (TAL Card)

     Current SAIT staff and students are eligible for a free TAL Card. Use the TAL Card to borrow
     materials from any participating library in Alberta like the Calgary Public Library, University
     of Calgary Libraries or Mount Royal University.

Check in anytime with your Library to let us know how we can serve you better.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

ARCHEXPO 2014 has arrived!

ARCHEXPO 2014, the annual architectural and design exhibit is being hosted by the School of Construction and Reg Erhardt Library!

Learn about the architectural standards and practices through history and discover how these historical influences continue to shape architectural styles from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

Once again, 10 teams of students from the ARCH 260 classes, are presenting model and poster presentations of the work of a noted architect, illustrating significant historical precedents.

These incredible architectural masterpieces will be on display in the library from January 10 through to January 31.

Students, staff and visitors to the library can vote for their favorite architectural presentation through the ARCHEXPO 2014 People’s Choice Awards.

Voting closes on Wednesday, January 29 at 12 noon.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Did you know...

SAIT was the first post-secondary institute in Alberta to adopt the U-Pass?

Introduced at the start of the 2001 fall term, the U-Pass was made available for the first time to all full-time students, faculty, and staff at the institute for a mere 35 dollars per semester.  Well received among students, the U-Pass would prove so successful that several other universities and colleges in the province would soon adopt U-Pass programs of their own; including the University of Calgary which would introduce the U-Pass later that same academic year.

Interested in learning more about the history of Sait? Visit our digital archives or contact the Sait Archives directly to request more information.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A New Way To Search Your Library

The Library's search box has changed!

Previously, users were greeted by the classic catalogue, where they could search for books, videos and journal titles separately. Now, our Discovery search box searches for books, videos and even searches within our journals for relevant articles at the same time. Instead of doing a separate search for books, then heading into one, two, three or more databases to find articles, you can now search a huge array of resources all in one place.

If you do prefer use the catalogue or a certain database, don't despair - those options remain available through the "Databases by subject" or  "Classic catalogue" tabs on the Discovery search box.

Discovery search is great for "traditional" library content - books, videos, and articles.

However, some of the library's resources fall outside these types and those are the sorts of things you won't find using Discovery search. If you are an apprentice who needs a practice exam, head right to the Apprenticeship and Trades databases for the Trade and Apprenticeship ExamBank. Looking to repair your car? Go straight to our Transportation databases for Mitchell ProDemand or ALLDATA Online. Need to look up legal cases? Access Westlaw through our Business and Law databases.

But again, for articles in magazines, journals, and trade publications, our Discovery search is the best tool to use.

When doing the search, type in your main keywords, rather than whole questions or phrases. Discovery will provide you with the most relevant sources first. You can then use the options found on the left-hand side of the screen to limit your results by year, format, etc.

If you think Canadian newspapers might contain what you're looking for, on the right-hand side of the screen, there is an option to continue your search in a newspaper database.

If you need more information or help with searching, feel free to contact the library through

CINAHL Plus - Our Featured Database

CINAHL Plus, the expanded version of the CINAHL index, allows you to search for full-text information on nursing, alternative/complementary medicine, consumer health, biomedicine, health sciences librarianship, and 17 allied health disciplines.

We recommend this database as a powerful research tool because:

1.  It provides an easy-to-use interface with basic & advanced search features and searchable cited references.

2. CINAHL headings help our users effectively search and retrieve information. Ultimately, you will zero in on your topic.

  • Headings follow the structure of the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) used by the National Library of Medicine
3. Many materials are offered such as health care books, nursing dissertations, selected conference proceedings, standards of practice, educational software, audiovisuals and book chapters.

4. Evidence-based Care Sheets provide concise overviews of conditions and diseases and outline treatment options. They are searchable and provide you with authoritative information on topics ranging from asthma to tuberculosis.

CINAHL Plus is a great research tool. It offers valuable and easy to access data to additional nursing and allied health literature.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Holiday Hours Update

Welcome Back!
Here are our hours of operation during the first week of January.

January 1                                                         Closed
January 2-3 (Thurs - Fri)                                8:00 am – 5 pm
January 4-5 (Sat & Sun)                                 Closed

Our regular hours of operation will resume on Monday, January 6, the first day of the Winter classes.

Monday - Thursday                                     7:30 am – 11 pm                                                
Friday                                                           7:30 am – 5 pm
Saturday & Sunday                                     10 am – 5 pm                        

We look forward to seeing you in 2014!