Monday, September 30, 2013

Don’t be shy! Ask for research assistance!

Our staff has knowledge and expertise with many different types of information from a variety of information sources.  They know how to search the library catalogue to find specific books, e-books, journal articles or videos in the library. Our information specialists also know about special collections like our Standards Collection.

Students and faculty are able to work with research professionals to determine their research needs and decide the information sources that will work best.
They will:

·         Help you develop or refine search strategies that work

·         Compile resource lists on a particular subject

·         Show you how to use specific databases for basic and advanced searches

·         Evaluate reliable or scholarly resources and information found on the Web

Students and staff can request more personalized or comprehensive research assistance via:

·         our in-depth research form that is found under the In-depth research link on the Library’s homepage

·         the telephone (403 284-8616)

·         e-mail  ( or

·         in person
If the library doesn’t have the resources you need, we can request them for you through our InterLibrary Loan services.

We will help you find and use the right resources for your projects and presentations.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Library Email Services Restored

Email services at the Reg Erhardt Library information desk have been restored and users of the library are once again encouraged to contact us via chat, telephone (403-284-8616), or email at

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Temporary Disruption in Email Services for the Reg Erhardt Library

Please be advised that due to a technical issue, the information desk is currently experiencing a temporary disruption in email services.  Students are still able to access their Sait student webmail accounts and other Sait services via any of the library computers or the wireless access network.  However, if do you need to contact with the information desk for assistance, we are currently advising that you do so via the online chat service or by telephone at 403-284-8616 until email services have been restored.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Did you know...

Tuition in the mid 1940’s at Sait was only $25 dollars per course?

In 1946 the cost of tuition for students registering in a standard 10 week long day course at Sait was as little as $25 dollars per course. In addition to this tuition fee, however, students were also required to pay an additional shop fee of $3 dollars, as well provide a refundable $5 dollar tool deposit. When added to the $2 dollar Students Association fee also assessed each semester, this brought the total cost of a single regular day course at Sait to $35 dollars, or the equivalent of roughly $450 dollars when adjusted for inflation.

Interested in learning more about Sait and the courses it has offered in the past? Visit our extensive collection of digitized calendars, or contact the Archivist directly to arrangeto access our collections.